Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keeping Your Kids Safe: 5 Trends of Video Baby Monitors

Keeping your kids safe is a top priority, so why not take that extra step even while you're away. Video baby monitors are quickly taking the baby gear market by storm, and there's no reason why you shouldn't invest in a monitor that can be used far past the baby stage. These are 5 trends that are making a video baby monitor a must-have item.

Trend #1: Monitoring Daycare Facilities and Babysitters We often leave our children in the trust of others, reassuring ourselves that while we are away our children are as safe as if we had our eyes on them. Thanks to the convenience of smartphones we can now keep a close eye on our kids just by turning on an app.

Trend #2: Reduce the Risk of SIDS with Temperature Sensing Studies have shown that an increase of room temperature and over bundling can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Knowing the temperature in your baby's room can make a world of difference. With today's technology, some monitors can help parents keep their child's environment the perfect temperature. More Info: Temperature Sensing Monitor

Trend #3: Keeping Your Family's Privacy The new generation of video monitor systems offer secure direct digital connections between cameras and monitors. NextStepBabyMonitors is here to help you understand  the technology behind the monitors currently available and how to always safe guard your family's privacy. More Info: NextStep Knowledge Base

Trend #4: Keep Your Eye on the Prize While having a video monitor in your child's room is a relief, what happens if your child moves out of the path of the monitor? Pan/Tilt allows you to move the camera's lens so that you can scan the room and continue to keep a watchful eye on your child even as they move around. Camera's with remote pan and tilt add another layer of safety by never letting your child be out of sight.

Trend #5: Extra Eyes Having eyes in the back of your head can be a challenge, especially when your child is on the go! It's hard to be two places at once and when you have more than one child, sometimes it's necessary! Having multiple cameras can be a blessing and allow an over stretched parent to be everywhere they're needed. Today's system can automatically scan through multiple cameras and alert to sounds coming from any particular one. More Info: Multi-Room Page

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  1. I purchased three of these monitors and just ordered one more. I absolutely love this system. So simple to set up and monitor, video or take pics. Sound quality could be better. I have one question from others who have this. Do you see orbs in your rooms? I would just like to know if it's dust or